[Dovecot] Quota bug in deliver?

WJCarpenter bill-dovecot at carpenter.ORG
Wed Sep 5 23:19:11 EEST 2007

bc> When I put a standard quota into the config as follows, the
bc> delivery succeeds (apparently deliver checks the standard quota,
bc> while IMAP correctly checks the quota from the database if it is
bc> returned.  Sep 5 21:46:11 ms4

bc> The mailbox is still over quota here, but deliver does not seem to
bc> notice.

I recently debugged that situation in my own configuration.  Are you
using prefetches for your user query?

If you are using prefetch for your userdb lookups, you still need a
separate user query to be used by deliver (it doesn't do the password
query).  The wiki pages show a configuration for keeping the prefetch
for IMAP but having a user query for deliver.  I don't know if that
works since I simply got rid of my prefetch completely and moved on to
a different problem when that cured it. (I plan to try to put the
prefetch back in later when I get some spare time.)
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