[Dovecot] dovecot dspam plugin using libdspam

Andreas Schneider mail at cynapses.org
Thu Sep 20 14:42:03 EEST 2007

Trever L. Adams wrote:
> Hello, Andreas,
> I have not had a chance to look at your plugin. I am wondering if you
> have updated the plugin for the API changes in 1.1 alpha series
> (particularly alpha6). If so, I am at a point I can test the plugin out
> and possibly contribute code.

Hi Trever,

I haven't updated the plugin for the 1.1 API changes. I'm running 1.0.x on my

Feel free to send patches to get it working with 1.1 :)

> Thank you for a quick response,
> Trever Adams

Best regards,

	-- andreas

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