[Dovecot] Segfault in imap_bodystructure_write when searching

Christer Mjellem Strand christer at mjellem.no
Sun Jun 1 19:17:20 EEST 2008

>>>> Whenever I try to search on my dovecot test install, dovecot dies. It
>>>> immediately spawns a new process, which the client tries to connect to,
>>>> and send search commands to, causing that to die, and so forth. This
>>>> loop means I have to kill either the server or the client.
>>> Your dovecot.index.cache file is probably broken somehow. Try moving
>>> dovecot.index* files elsewhere and see if it works then? If it does and
>>> dovecot.index.cache doesn't contain anything too sensitive
>>> (subjects/from/to addresses), could you send me the dovecot.index*
>>> files?
>>> If it crashes even without dovecot.index* files then the mails
>>> themselves contain a broken message. It would help if I could get that
>>> message.
>> Bullseye. Why did I fail to mention that I was trying to use uiddb from
>> Courier? :P
>> Using your conversion script fixed it, but simply copying the Courier file
>> crashed Dovecot. According to http://wiki.dovecot.org/Migration/Courier
>> this  is supposed to work though, so either that page is wrong, or Dovecot
>> has a  bug.
> The Courier and Dovecot v1.0 uidlist files are nearly identical. The
> only difference is that Dovecot adds the ":2,flags" to filenames which
> is kind of an optimistic optimization that it's able to find filenames
> without scanning maildir to find the exact filename. But this isn't
> relied on in any way. So the problem most likely was caused/fixed by
> something else.

This latest crash I can reproduce by just trying to open the mailbox, no 
searching necessary. With the previous crashes, while other symptoms seemed 
identical, the mailbox (and messages in it) would open normally, but the 
crash would happen once I tried searching for something.

> One way to maybe avoid gdb backtrace corruption is to attach gdb while
> the process is still running. Like:
> 1. Log in so imap process exists
> 2. gdb /usr/lib/dovecot/imap `pidof imap`
> 3. cont
> 4. make it crash
> 5. bt full

I have very limited gdb experience, and can't seem to make this work as 
intended. I've restarted dovecot and logged in so only one imap process 
exists, and attached to that. However, it seems that this process keeps on 
running, and instead spawns children, and they're the ones that die 
The main process stays alive, and no backtrace is generated when I just kill 
dovecot to stop the loop..

Any pointers as to how I could attach gdb to any of those processes, or other 
ways to proceed?

Please excuse my ignorance here. I've found a successful workaround (just 
regenerating the index files), but since you state that you wish to fix every 
crasher, I'll gladly help debug this until you've pinpointed it, if you have 
the patience to bear with me.. :)

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