[Dovecot] spamassassin, postfix with dovecot lda?

George Mamalakis mamalos at eng.auth.gr
Mon Jun 2 18:16:48 EEST 2008

Hi Egbert,

thank you for your reply. I searched www.postfixvirtual.net, as you 
suggested, with no luck. Their configuration differs significantly from 
mine, since they are using CYRUS libraries in general, and not dovecot. 
Moreover, the configuration that is proposed uses a vmail user (or some 
general-mail-user) which is not something I would like to adhere into my 
configuration. I would like each user to have their own preferences, 
quotas, permissions, etc as far as their email is concerned. Lastly, the 
idea of using maildrop for local delivery instead of dovecot-lda passed 
through my mind, but when i tried to combine it with my configuration  
it didn't work; it probably needed cyrus libraries and not dovecot 
libraries. I think that if i manage to set it up correctly (if feasible, 
of course), then I would have found my solution.

Thanks again,

Egbert Jan van den Bussche wrote:
> George Mamalakis wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to setup a mail server using postfix (virtual_mailboxes), 
>> spamassassin and dovecot, along with SQL where appropriate. From my 
>> research so far I realized that, for several reasons, it is required 
>> for me to use dovecot LDA instead of maildrop, local, procmail or 
>> other alternatives.
>> My configuration was working flawlessly, until spamassassin per-user 
>> configuration came to play. If I just wanted an MTA anti-spam 
>> gateway, I could directly call spamassassin via master.cf, or through 
>> some helper "content-filter-application" (like amavis or 
>> amavisd-new), and everything would work just fine (I tried and tested 
>> many such configurations with success). But when antispam per user 
>> preferences became my concern (Bayesian filters and classifier), I 
>> realized that spamd should be called by the LDA. With procmail this 
>> was a trivial issue, with dovecot-lda I was unable to find any 
>> solution on the web or other documentation.
>> So my question is as follows:
>>    Is there a way to call spamc from dovecot-LDA (and/or 
>> dovecot-sieve), or is there an alternate way to do this for a site 
>> with virtual mailboxes configured with dovecot-lda?
>> Thank you all in advance,
>> regards,
> Hi George. You seem to have a similar setup as I have here. I found 
> www.postfixvirtual.net most useful! Do have a look there.
> I just had a 12 hour fight to get all running again after a upgrade 
> from Mandriva 2008.0 to 2008.1. That should have been trivial but I 
> had all sort of issues with amavisd missing perl modules. Well, 
> finally solved that one again.
> Egbert Jan (NL)

George Mamalakis

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