[Dovecot] v1.1.rc8 released

Jost Krieger Jost.Krieger+dovecot at rub.de
Tue Jun 3 11:27:32 EEST 2008

On Tue, Jun 03, 2008 at 07:11:33AM +0100, Ed W wrote:

> Could do, but I was trying to expand to the case that the headers were 
> different, but the body was the same (eg I suspect that mailing list 
> managers might deliver emails one by one (verp), but the body is not 
> customised.  Anyway, just wanted to checksum the body of the message not 
> the whole message

That could lead to slight problems, like hardlinking totally unrelated
messages, e.g. empty messages. Some Headers like From:, To:, Date:,
Subject: should probably be identical.

For some consistency, just removing  *locally* generated trace headers
before fingerprinting might lead to better results.

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