[Dovecot] mbox: extra linefeed after Content-Length header in 1.1.rc8

Diego Liziero diegoliz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 11:34:45 EEST 2008

mbox messages gets header corruption caused by an extra linefeed after

Users sees their mails in Sent mbox folder without the from and to
fields, without attachments and with the date of 1/1/1970

Here is an anonymized header:

>From xxxxxxxx at xxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx  Tue Jun 03 09:14:33 2008
Message-ID: <xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx at xxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx>
X-UID: 3913
Status: RO
Content-Length: 6817

xxxx: xxx, xx xxx xxxx xx:xx:xx +xxxx
xxxx: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx <xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx at xxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx>
xxxx-xxxxx: xxxxxxxxxxx x.x.x.x (xxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx)
xxxx-xxxxxxx: x.x
xx: "xxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxx.xx" <xxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxx.xx>
xx:  xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxxxxxx.xx,
 xxxxxx xxxxx <xxxxxx.xxxxx at xxxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xx>,
 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx <xxxxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>
xxxxxxx: xx: x: xx: xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx: <xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxx.xx>
xx-xxxxx-xx: <xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxx.xx>
xxxxxxx-xxxx: xxxx/xxxxx; xxxxxxx=xxx-x; xxxxxx=xxxxxx
xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx: xxxx

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