[Dovecot] Wrong message information

Anders mail at flac.kalibalik.dk
Tue Jun 3 18:28:53 EEST 2008

Anders wrote:
> Anders wrote:
>> Well, I got another report about a 1970 timestamp :-(.
>> Now I have enabled rawlog for all users that are still on Procmail
>> delivery. Will this be useful? Is there something else that I can do?


> It seems that whenever this problem shows up, two messages are delivered
> at roughly the same time, and it is the later one that has its information
> zeroed out. Here is stat(1) output from the message above, and the one
> that arrived right before it:

I am sorry for the horse that has to take this continuous beating. It is
unfortunately not dead yet.

Now I got it one time where there was no concurrent delivery, the previous
one was ten minutes before. The user was still logged in, though, and
apparently active with the mailbox.

I have not been able to reproduce this at will, but do see 1-Jan-1970 in
rawlog about two times every day now (with some 80 accounts and probably
thousands of deliveries).


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