[Dovecot] How to set MDNSent flag on a large amount of mails?

Patrick Nagel patrick.nagel at star-group.net
Tue Jun 3 19:33:04 EEST 2008


after having moved a big mail archive to IMAP, I've now got the following
problem: The MUA asks to send an MDN on all those old messages that contain
the 'Disposition-Notification-To' header when opened. I'd like to set the
$MDNSent flag on those (>10000 in a deeply nested directory structure)

After having read http://wiki.dovecot.org/MailboxFormat/Maildir I wrote a
script that changed the filename of mails in all directories that contained
the header, so that the filename contained a 'b' in the last part of the
filename (after the comma), because I found '1 $MDNSent' in
Maildir/dovecot-keywords. I then discovered that there can be a
'dovecot-keywords' file in each directory, and all of those files can have
different flags in different order.

Do I really need to write a script that evaluates each dovecot-keywords
file, figures out which letter corresponds to the flag and rename the files
(per directory) accordingly? Isn't there a more simple way?


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