[Dovecot] Re maintenance of the dovecot-uidlist files

Dann Daggett ddaggett at magentamedia.net
Wed Jun 4 02:49:33 EEST 2008

Greetings all,
I am new to dovecot, using ver 1.0.13 and IMAP with ~/Maildir delivery.
I have noticed that the entries in the dovecot-uidlist files don't seem
to get updated when an email is deleted or moved to .Trash. It appears
that this list list would just keep growing over time, being full of no
longer used filenames, and must tend to increase its processing
I have also noticed that if I manually delete that file and the 3 other
dovecot* files, that it gets rebuilt with only what's present.
Is there provision in the dovecot code to automatically clean this up
If so, are there any configuration params for it?
If not, what is the preferred method for maintenance in this regard?
Thank you,

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