[Dovecot] question: auth_bind and userdb

Matthias Šubik funke at matthias.subik.de
Sat Jun 7 14:09:29 EEST 2008

this is my first post to the list, I'm not a member, please cc me  
I'm converting from courier imap, and want to bring a special problem  
to your attention:

I would like to use auth_bind and prefetch, b/c due to data security  
restriction the user information is only visible to the user himself.

 From http://wiki.dovecot.org/AuthDatabase/LDAP I found out that
pass_attrs only works if no userdn template is set. But when unsetting  
userdn, dovecot-auth still tries to find the information from  
pass_attrs before binding.

I'm no coding expert so here is my question:

would it be possible to make pass_attrs work with userdn?
If yes, even prefetch would work.
right now, when using userdn, pass_attrs is ignored, but also userdb  
and user_attrs is impossible for me, because it is done anonymously,  
it can't reuse the bind from passdb, and can't construct a bind as  
passdb could.

for now I defined a dummy user in ldap, but that's not the ideal  
solution, since then this dummy user has access to all usernames,  
uids, uidNumbers and gidNumbers.

thank you for your attention

best regards
matthias subik
ps: is there a list of all keywords and parameters?

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