[Dovecot] Auto creating client folders on the IMAP server after installing client.

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Sun Jun 8 19:13:16 EEST 2008

On 6/8/2008 9:36 AM, Radio Tron wrote:
> Hello, could someone help. I have installed 
> Dovecot+SSL+TLS+Thunderbird and all is well except one thing. After 
> installing TBird and adding the required data (smtp server and auth 
> info, imap/pop server and auth info) I am able to view mail in my
> TBird Inbox BUT Trash and Sent don't work - it pops up saying folder
> doesn't exist on the server - can't the darn thing, auto create a
> folder on the server instead of cribbing to me???

My TBird does just this (automatically creates the folders if they don't 
already exist) perfectly. Since you didn't post any details of your 
system or config, all anyone could do is guess.

> Is there a painless (automatic way) to auto create client directories
>  on the Dovecot server (in the users home dir on the server - i am
> using maildir/).

Yes, there is a plugin for this called autocreate, listed here as a patch:


I'm not sure why it isn't an officially supported plugin right now - it 
seems like this question came up a while back too.

But, the fact is, if TBird doesn't auto create them when it tries to use 
them, then something is broken somewhere and you really need to fix this 
as well. Have you tested whether you can MANUALLY create new folders?

> Thank you for your patience and time. I'd like to add that I plan to 
> sync GMail, Dovecot and a multitude-of-stupid-clients in some
> mysterious way so any advice in advance is more than welcome.



Best regards,


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