[Dovecot] Auto creating client folders on the IMAP server after installing client.

Benjamin R. Haskell dovecot at benizi.com
Mon Jun 9 09:58:15 EEST 2008

On Sun, 8 Jun 2008, Radio Tron wrote:

>> as well. Have you tested whether you can MANUALLY create new folders?
> Yup, just tried that out using telnet. It works.

I'm guessing Charles meant manually via TBird. But, the fact that it works 
via telnet probably also points toward it being a TBird configuration 

> [...] I am using port 143 in TBird, but this is a SASL/TLS link? 
> Shouldn't the port be 993?

If you have it set to use TLS, it will likely use the STARTTLS command on 
port 143 and then proceed on 993. (Not sure on all the details, but that's 
the gist.)

>>> sync GMail, Dovecot and a multitude-of-stupid-clients in some 
>>> mysterious way so any advice in advance is more than welcome.
>> Fetchmail?
> Well, fetchmail doesn't do a perfect IMAP sync as in, GMail folder/label 
> details are lost (I'm researching GetMail/Mutt+Expect). Essentially, the 
> client is using GMail-Google-Apps to send and receive emails. He wants a 
> copy of all mails sent and received via GMail to be stored elsewhere (so 
> that he can verify as to who, among his employees, sent what and 
> received what). He isn't using his own mail server because of SPAM and 
> because of downtime (I suggested a secondary MX, but it got shot down) 
> So I have to keep the GMail passwds on Linux and use that to sync 
> between Linux and GMail and then run Dovecot and feed the mail to TBirds 
> and implement SSL/TLS everywhere (*sigh* and I'm just a noob at this - 
> was hoping they'd let me do some C/Perl)

Just a word of warning, there's a bit of an "impedance mismatch" between 
GMail and IMAP, especially in the area of labels. A message labeled as 
"Foo" and "Bar" via GMail will show up in the [Gmail]/Foo and [Gmail]/Bar 
folders via IMAP. I don't think there's a way for IMAP to mark two 
messages in distinct folders as being identical. So, I'd guess that 'sync' 
software might have trouble. (Especially since GMail users can add/remove 
those labels at will.)

This may have changed, as GMail's IMAP support is a work in progress, but 
just wanted to warn you. (for more, google: gmail buggy IMAP)

>> Since you didn't post any details of your system or config, all anyone 
>> could do is guess.
> [...]
> mail> dovecot --version
> 1.0.rc15

(To pre-empt Charles:) Upgrade!

Recent threads have mentioned that distro's have kind of "stuck" with 
1.0.rc15, which may be a buggier release than most. Check out atrpms.net 
for a more recent version. It's worth the upgrade.


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