[Dovecot] EXPUNGE delay

Eugene genie at geniechka.ru
Mon Jun 9 11:30:05 EEST 2008

Hi Timo,

> > So I guess the question is if Dovecot should first synchronize the
> >  mailbox and only then perform EXPUNGE. This is allowed by IMAP, but it
> > would require Dovecot to do two mailbox synchronizations for each
> > EXPUNGE. I'd rather not do that but maybe Outlook is big enough user
> > that it should be changed...

> Or of course Dovecot could just do another EXPUNGE if the first one
> noticed that some messages got \Deleted flags. I'll add to v1.1 todo
> list.

Now that 1.1 release is near, I wonder if you were able to add this feature? 
It would be much appreciated =)

Best wishes

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