[Dovecot] Antispam plugin custom behavior?

Kyle Wheeler kyle-dovecot at memoryhole.net
Wed Jun 11 19:47:01 EEST 2008

On Wednesday, June 11 at 05:33 PM, quoth Hugo Monteiro:
>> Well, for one thing, this is different behavior than what my users 
>> are used to, and I'd rather not have to re-explain how things work 
>> and deal with confusion about the difference in behavior.
>> Plus, unless I misunderstand the antispam plugin (quite possible), it 
>> doesn't *alter* the message when you remove it from the Spam folder --- 
>> because if it did, that could confuse IMAP clients that expect messages 
>> not to change when moved.
>> ~Kyle
> No different behaviour for the end user. Your user could continue to 
> drag&drop messages in/out of the designated Spam folder.

You misunderstood my original email. Users have two folders: one for 
reporting spam that wasn't identified as spam (the "Spam.Report" 
folder), one for rescuing ham that was misidentified as spam (the 
"Spam.NotSpam" folder).

Thus, there is no "implicit" behavior - putting a message in one of 
those folders explicitly tells the system "learn this message" or 
"unlearn this message".

> The only different, which is not visible to the end user, is that 
> the retrain of false positives is activated by pulling the messages 
> out of the Spam folder, rather than having to specifically put it in 
> a Ham folder.

How is that not visible to the end-user?

> That said, they can continue to use the Ham folder as a placebo. ;)

Heh. I see. But the user expects messages in the Ham folder to 
disappear and be automatically redelivered to their inbox.

> Out of curiosity, why would you need to alter the message when moving it 
> around?

Because my system uses SpamAssassin's "report_safe" feature (see 
When a message is identified as spam, instead of modifying the 
original message, the user receives a report message with the original 
message attached as a text/plain attachment. This makes reading the 
original rather difficult (on purpose). Thus, one of the benefits of 
moving the message to the NotSpam folder is that the message is 
restored to its original form and redelivered.

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