[Dovecot] strange looking code and userdb errors

Tony den Haan tony at tuxick.net
Thu Jun 12 23:27:14 EEST 2008


i'm trying to use passdb ldap and userdb prefetch, using the userdb_ 
prefixes in pass_attrs, and i get:
passdb didn't return userdb entries

looking at the code at auth/userdb-prefetch.c i see:

if (auth_request->userdb_reply == NULL) {
                if (auth_request->auth->userdbs->next == NULL) {
                        /* no other userdbs */
                        auth_request_log_error(auth_request, "prefetch",
                                "passdb didn't return userdb entries");
                } else {
                        /* more userdbs, they may know the user */
                        auth_request_log_info(auth_request, "prefetch",
                                "passdb didn't return userdb entries");
                callback(USERDB_RESULT_USER_UNKNOWN, auth_request);

is this really correct? 
if so it migth be a good idea to at least print different errors


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