[Dovecot] "Disable non webmail IMAP access" in vpopmail and Dovecot

Alessio Cecchi alessio at skye.it
Fri Jun 13 14:03:30 EEST 2008


i'm using in my installation qmail+vpopmail and now I have migrated from 
courier-imap to dovecot.

Dovecot is very much faster with large mailbox than courier-imap.

But I have a problem.

vpopmail has a feature that allows you to "Disable non webmail IMAP access", 
many webmail using imap as if they were, and they are, a client IMAP.

vpopmail give me the ability to disabile IMAP, expect for, both for 
individual users than for single domain. So i can grant IMAP access, from 
remote client, only for some users but webmail access for all.

Here you can read some of my messages in the vpopmail's list:


But with dovecot this feature seems not to be compatible.

A friend of the vpopmail's list sent me a patch for dovecot but I can not get 
it to work:


Hi Alessio,

i spent over 5 hours looking for a solution to this problem and i found one
working for me
in dovecot sources edit src/auth/passdb-vpopmail.c

than add

char *remotehost = net_ip2addr(&auth_request->remote_ip);
auth_request_log_info(auth_request, "vpopmail", "remote ip is: %s",

before if (((vpw->pw_gid & NO_IMAP) != 0 && line

than modify the condition line to look like:

if (((vpw->pw_gid & NO_IMAP) != 0 &&
             strcmp(auth_request->service, "IMAP") == 0 *&&
strcmp(remotehost, "") != 0*) ||
            ((vpw->pw_gid & NO_POP) != 0 &&
             strcmp(auth_request->service, "POP3") == 0)) {
                auth_request_log_info(auth_request, "vpopmail",
                                      "%s disabled", auth_request->service);
                password = NULL;
                *result_r = PASSDB_RESULT_USER_DISABLED;
        } else ...............

this way you will preserve webmail access and cut imap from external in case
-i limit is defined in vpopmail

hope it helps

Can someone help me in making compatible this useful feature of vpopmail with 

Thank you
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