[Dovecot] Can't find next message offset

Dean Brooks dean at iglou.com
Tue Jun 17 17:40:03 EEST 2008

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 10:32:27AM -0400, Dean Brooks wrote:

> I am getting a lot of warnings since upgrading to 1.1rc10 (from rc4):
>    mbox /home2/seta/Mail/Sent: Can't find next message offset for uid=12
> Almost always, it is the Sent or Trash folders that are giving these.  Users
> aren't experiencing any problems, but the errors continue to come.

As a followup, I removed the index files, I wiped the Trash folder and
INBOX completely empty.  Then, as soon as a new message gets put in
the INBOX file, then deleted and moved to Trash, a "can't find next
message offset" warnings gets logged about the Trash folder.

In other words, it's occuring *every* single time a message is ever
copied/moved to a folder, and the error occurs about the destination
folder in the copy.

This is even with brand-new empty folders and no index files in existance.

This seems like it would have to be a bug of some sort.

Dean Brooks
dean at iglou.com

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