[Dovecot] SSL + compression?

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Fri Jun 20 23:53:04 EEST 2008

> > IOW, 
> > dovecot would see an SSL connection too.
> Hmm, yes. I took it to mean that the 'encrypt' of
> encrypt(compress(imap stream))
> was the "extra layer". But, I think your interpretation is more easily 
> arrived at, and if it's what Mark meant, you're absolutely right that the 
> tunnel won't help.
> A compressed SSH tunnel to regular, non-SSL IMAP should work to reduce 
> traffic, though.

Absolutely. And it'll even be considered 'secure' since local
connections are secure.

OTOH, if you're going to the trouble to use ssh anyway, can Thunderbird
do something like a "connect command"? I use that in evolution, and mine
looks like something like this:
	ssh -C mailserver '/usr/sbin/dovecot --exec-mail imap'

where 'mailserver' really is an alias in my .ssh/config

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