[Dovecot] Ubuntu packages [Was: Re: v1.1.1 released]

Wolfram Schlich lists at wolfram.schlich.org
Tue Jun 24 14:34:02 EEST 2008

* Robert Schetterer <robert at schetterer.org> [2008-06-24 09:28]:
> Wolfram Schlich schrieb:
>> Has anyone already built 1.1.1 packages for Ubuntu 8.04?!
>> Thanks,
>> Wolfram
> Hi Wolfram


> http://wiki.dovecot.org/PrebuiltBinaries

Yeah, I've seen that, but it only said "Debian" and not "Ubuntu",
so I'm not sure it will work with Ubuntu 8.04 without any issues.
It also has a pretty bold warning message...
I guess I'll stick with 1.0.10 on those machines for now.

Thanks anyway!

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