[Dovecot] Problem Compiling 1.1.1 on AIX

Jackie Hunt jackie at yuma.acns.colostate.edu
Wed Jun 25 17:34:11 EEST 2008

> Hi Jackie,
> I compiled dovecot-1.1.1 on AIX 5.3 with xlc, "IBM(R) XL C/C++ Enterprise 
> Edition V8.0 for AIX(R)", but I didn't see that error. Which version of 
> xlc are you using?

Thanks for the feedback, Woonsan.  Good to know it works for you.  
We do have a very old copy of the compiler:  

C for AIX Compiler Version

I'm sure that is my issue.  I think it is a "variadic macro extension"
feature that isn't supported by our version.

> In my case, I succeeded in making it after modification of two generated sources:
> (1) src/plugins/quota/rquota.h
>   I added `#include <rpc/rpc.h>' on the top.
> (2) src/plugins/quota/rquota_xdr.c
>   I modified it like the following:
>     #include "/usr/include/rpcsvc/rquota.h"
>     ==>
>     #include "rquota.h"

Thanks for this as well.  I may need it, once I get my compiler issue

Jackie Hunt                                                       
Colorado State University 
Fort Collins, CO  80523  

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