[Dovecot] 1.1.1-1 gotcha with Fedora Rawhide package

Kenneth Porter shiva at sewingwitch.com
Fri Jun 27 02:24:15 EEST 2008

I just installed the Rawhide package on my CentOS 5 system. The one item 
that bit me is that the config file defaults to using interface "[::]" so 
it only listens on IPv6. (This is from a patch in the package that changes 
the upstream default of "*", so it only affects those using the Fedora 

For those wanting to track the issue, here's the Bugzilla:


I rebuilt the package from the source RPM, to make sure it was "tuned" to 
the C5 distro.

I got the source RPM here, from the Portland State mirror:


Here's a full list of Rawhide mirrors:


If you'd like to see all Red Hat bugs associated with dovecot, here's a 
suitable query:


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