[Dovecot] Keeping \Seen flag private

Imobach González Sosa imobachgs at banot.net
Fri Jun 27 17:09:49 EEST 2008

Hi all,

I wanna to set up shared folders for a couple of users and I'd like that 
everyone could keep the \Seen flag as private. So if user #1 reads some 
messages and user #2 not, those messages appear as "unseen" to #2 and "seen" 
to #1.

I've implemented shared folders using namespaces with every user having their 
own "control" and "private" directories. But all the flags (\Seen included) 
are "shared".

Am I on the right path? Some tip or documentation?

Oh, I almost forgot: using dovecot 1.0.13 (from Debian Etch backports).

Thank you in advance!

Imobach González Sosa

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