[Dovecot] enabling quota.

Mauro Sanna mauro.sanna at comune.cagliari.it
Mon Jun 30 14:16:02 EEST 2008

Il giorno lun, 30/06/2008 alle 12.15 +0200, Alexander Prinsier ha
> Mauro Sanna wrote:
> > I'm reading http://wiki.dovecot.org/Quota to enable quota management
> > with dovecot.
> > The first question is: I need to enable dovecot deliver, lda protocol,
> > to have quota work?
> > 
> It depends on the backend you use. If you use filesystem quota's, then
> there is no need to use the dovecot LDA, because the actual quota usage
> is already being updated by the filesystem/kernel itself.
> However if you use Maildir++ quota, then something has to update the
> maildirsize file so that it contains the actual usage of that Maildir.
> So you need the dovecot LDA here, or another LDA that can update those
> files in a compatible way.
> However I prefer to always use dovecot's deliver, because it
> automatically updates indexes and caches when a mail arrives, and this
> cannot be done by another LDA because the indexes and caches are dovecot
> specific.

Thank you for ther answer....last question:
if I use dovecot deliver, in dovecot.conf I need to enable only

protocol lda {
  mail_plugins = quota

or I must enable also

protocol pop3 {
  mail_plugins = quota

and in case I have imap

protocol imap {
  mail_plugins = quota imap_quota

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