[Dovecot] Logging Options

Steffen Ille steffenille at web.de
Thu Mar 6 12:18:22 EET 2008

Dear Listmembers,

I tried to figure out how to get statistics not only about the amount of 
mails which where sent from / to my mailusers, but also about the size 
in byte (e.g. to compare with other traffic stats) for each of my users.
postfix shows me the size of sent mails per user, but afaik I cannot get 
the size of rcvd mails per user with it. I use the dovecot LDA with 
postfix and in this lda -  logfiles I also cannot see a byte-like size 
of delivered mails. Is there any possibility get such statistics working?

My used versions are (all Debian Etch):

dovecot: 1.0.10
postfix: 2.4.6

Steffen Ille

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