[Dovecot] Setting for deleting old messages from Trash?

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Mon Mar 31 19:02:12 EEST 2008


Just switched to Dovecot from Courier last week and have been very 
pleased so far.  The conversion was extremely painless, and I only hit a 
few small configuration issues before I was able to get the server up 
and running.  Since then, I've been quite pleased - Dovecot's been very 
stable, and a good bit faster than courier as well.  However, there's 
one nice feature from courier that I used to use that it doesn't seem 
like Dovecot provides.  Wanted to see if that was indeed the case and, 
if so, if there was any workaround.

In Courier, there was a setting whereby the server would automatically 
delete messages in the Trash once they were of a certain age.  (The 
default was 7 days.)  However, looking through the dovecot.conf, it 
didn't appear that Dovecot had any comparable setting.

Anyone know how I might achieve this with Dovecot?



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