[Dovecot] Separate quotas not displayed correctly

Laurent Blume laurent at elanor.org
Mon Nov 3 11:21:46 EET 2008

Timo Sirainen a écrit :
> First of all see if the problem is with Thunderbird or Dovecot. Ask the
> quota values directly from Dovecot:
> telnet localhost 143
> a login user pass
> b getquotaroot inbox
> c getquotaroot some-other-box
> If b/c didn't return correct values, try also:
> d getquota INBOX
> e getquota Others

I'm not sure if this is good. It does answer the correct values, but
when asking the quota, returns all of them, even when asking for a
single folder.
Well, see for yourself:

1 OK Logged in.
2 getquotaroot inbox
* QUOTAROOT "inbox" "INBOX" "Others"
* QUOTA "Others" (STORAGE 6490 10000)
2 OK Getquotaroot completed.
3 getquotaroot Trash
* QUOTAROOT "Trash" "INBOX" "Others"
* QUOTA "Others" (STORAGE 6490 10000)
3 OK Getquotaroot completed.
4 getquota INBOX
4 OK Getquota completed.
5 getquota Others
* QUOTA "Others" (STORAGE 6490 10000)
5 OK Getquota completed.
6 logout
* BYE Logging out
6 OK Logout completed.

Of course, I snooped the packets to see what Thunderbird is doing: it's
exactly the same as above, it does a quotaroot on each folder, it
doesn't do a getquota. It seems to only use the last line received,
which is always the one for Others.

>From what I read in the RFC, it seems to be a bug in Dovecot, it should
reply only for the given mailbox, am I right?

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