[Dovecot] patch: list shared namespace

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Tue Nov 4 19:54:50 EET 2008

On 31.10.2008, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> v1.2 code supports multiple users per process. That means you can't
> really use getenv("USER") and you can't store per-user objects as static
> variables. Rather you should hook into hook_mail_user_created and add
> the per-user variables to the mail_user structure. See for example
> lazy-expunge plugin (struct lazy_expunge_mail_user) or quota plugin how
> that works.

I have done that for the metadata plugin now, which actually does use per-user 
dicts if private metadata is enabled.  However, the only reason my ACL plugin 
changes use getenv("USER") is that dict_init requires a username.  That 
username is not actually needed for what the code does with the dict, though.  
All entries are public entries and it doesn't matter which user reads or 
modifies the dict.  Maybe the dict API should have the concept of a purely 
public dict which doesn't require a username.

> i_info("no acl_shared_dict specified; shared namespaces will not be
> listed") could be written only if getenv("DEBUG") != NULL.

I did that now.

> Is acl_shared_debug stuff only a temporary developer debugging thing, or
> will it be useful also for sysadmins?

I put that in because it was useful for me while developing.  I'm not sure 
it's useful for admins later on.  So maybe I should remove them.


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