[Dovecot] Install Configuring and run.

Marko Weber marko.weber at salondigital.de
Wed Nov 5 23:31:13 EET 2008

Hello ,
yes it "seems" to work. But it tags all mails as "innocent". everyone.
even mails that are marked by sapmassassin , dspam marks them as 

my goal is to work with dspam that it scans incoming mails and that this 
training via moving mails works.
if i understand the dovecot-antispam right, = dspam scans mails on 
incoming, marks them. then via maildrop i can put them all into folder 
"SPAM" at example.
when dspam tagged a mail as "spam" that is "not" spam., then i can move 
the mail from the SPAM folder into normal incoming folder. dspam then 
retrain the mail.
also other way. if a mail comes into the normal incoming and is spam, i 
can then move the mail into SPAM and dspam get retrained.

sorry guys, i am not all a pro, but now, i sit since 7 days on it to get 
it work., i am very willing get this work.

so any1 can help me maybe to get this working ?  i can paste all needed 
info u need to help me.
at moment i stuck.
dspam runs and marks mails, but i am sure i did some things wrong.

totally wrackey marko from hamburg :-)


Thorsten Vollmer schrieb:
> On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 18:39 +0100, Thorsten Vollmer wrote:
>> On Mon, 2008-11-03 at 15:39 +0100, Marko Weber wrote:
>>> Hello,.
>>> i installed dovecot with virtual user and domains.
>>> but i dont get thru "dovecot-antispam" config.
>>> is there any HOWTO, for gentoo , how to setup and configure 
>>> dovecot-antispam ?
>>> with examples for the config files ?
>> I assume that you have read antispam(7).
> dovecot-antispam(7) on Gentoo
>> What other information do you need?
>>> maybe i have dspam self totally wrong configured.
>> Did you verify that DSPAM works independently, i.e. without
>> dovecot-antispam?
>> Regards,
>> Thorsten

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