[Dovecot] antispam - Unable to determine the destination user

Romanczyk Guillaume guillaume at itaapy.com
Thu Nov 6 00:11:17 EET 2008

> If you don't use MySQL you will need to use the --user parameter to 
> set the corresponding owner of the signature.
> Then you have another problem. You either run the dspam call as the 
> same _system_ user as what you are providing in the --user parameter, 
> eg. run it as real system user johndoe with --user johndoe, or you are 
> running the dspam call as a generic system user, such as "mail" or 
> other. In that case you will need to tell dspam to trust that user in 
> dspam.conf - look for the Trust directive.
Thank's for this reply,
I've check the user used to launch dspam in .config file of dovecot 
antispam and it's vpopmail.
In my dspam.conf I've Trust vpopmail, so I think it should be great.

When a mail comes into qmail I use the .qmail-default to check the mail 
with dspam :
| /usr/bin/dspam --mode=teft --deliver=innocent --feature=noise 
--tokenizer=chained --user $EXT@$USER --stdout | 
/var/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

In this configuration the "virtual' user is mentionned by $EXT@$USER , 
but if I write :
antispam_dspam_args = --user;$EXT@$USER
It doesn't work as If I write :
antispam_dspam_args = --user;%u

Guillaume Romanczyk.

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