[Dovecot] (1.0.13) fsync failed: Disk quota exceeded for some accounts

Eric Marin eric.marin at utc.fr
Thu Nov 6 14:11:09 EET 2008


unfortunately, for those users that cause problem, even if the user is completely over-quota (say 
900MB of files for a 100MB quota) *before* adding the small mail, Deliver still reports an fsync 


Ed W a écrit :
> Eric Marin wrote:
>> So for *some* users, it seems that Deliver doesn't detect that there
>> isn't enough space, it tries to write the e-mail and of course fails,
>> then reports an error, and Postfix interprets this as a temporary
>> error and retries later.
> Without knowing anything about the problem I would guess this is a
> rounding issue.  Probably you are off by the number of bytes in your
> short message saying you are over-quota.  Sometimes you are just inside
> and sometimes just outside?
> Ed

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