[Dovecot] Per User Quotas

Peter Fraser petros.fraser at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 16:02:04 EET 2008

HI All
Asking for a little patience and a bit of help here. I'm using
dovecot-1.1.3_1 with postfix and squirrelmail. I have implemented a global
quota successfully. That works fine. I want to now implement per user
quotas. So far I have read the howto in the documentation and searched
several threads but can't seem to get it working properly. My LDAP server is
Windows 2003 Active Directory.

Is there any documentation specific to AD that I could look at or any other
doc that could help me?

My last effort was to put this in dovecot-ldap.conf
user_attrs = streetAddress=quota_rule4=*:storage=%$M

and this in dovecot.conf in addition to the other quota rules.
quota_rule4 = *:bytes=%$

I then put the quota in the streetAddress area of AD.

I'd certainly appreciate any help.


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