[Dovecot] antispam plugin claims "antispam signature not found"

Elisamuel Resto samuel at dragonboricua.net
Sun Nov 9 17:49:24 EET 2008

On Sunday 09 November 2008, Jakob Curdes wrote:
> Some weeks ago I asked a question on the antispam plugin; obviously
> nobody could help me. I just worked on it again but made no progress.
> Is actually anybody out there running the antispam plugin with dspam?? I
> am willing to write a Wiki page for configuring this as soon as I get it
> to work.
> The problem still remains and the outlines are:
> - antispam plugin is compiled, configured for dspam and debug is
> switched on.
> - plugin starts with dovecot and throws debug info to /var/log/messages
> (debug logging activated via syslog)
> - as soon as I move a message into the spam folder it gives an error
> message saying "antispam signature not found"
> I checked that the given location for the dspam executable is correct,
> that the user executing it (dovecot?) is actually able to execute dspam
> and that dspam trusts this user. I triple-checked that the signature is
> configured correctly. I have lines like
> X-DSPAM-Signature: 1,49084a24139132188715614
> in all mails  and my plugin conf says
>     # mail signature (used with any backend requiring a signature)
>     antispam_signature = X-DSPAM-Signature
> I do not get any error messages in the debug output, only dovecot says:
> dovecot: Nov 09 13:19:40 Error: IMAP(****): Next message unexpectedly
> lost from 49
> Any ideas? How can I get a more specific debugging for the signature? Or
> might this still be a permission problem?
> Here is my plugin config:
> # antispam plugin - learn spam from folder
>     antispam_signature = X-DSPAM-Signature
>     antispam_spam = spam
>     antispam_dspam_binary = /usr/local/bin/dspam
> Regards, Jakob

Personally, I don't set anything but the spam folder, trash folder names and the 
args to pass to the dspam executable. It works here flawlessly.

plugins {
  antispam_trash = trash;Trash;Deleted Items
  antispam_spam = SPAM;Spam;Junk
  antispam_dspam_args = --client;--deliver=;--user;%u

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