[Dovecot] antispam plugin claims "antispam signature not found"

Elisamuel Resto samuel at dragonboricua.net
Sun Nov 9 18:36:22 EET 2008

On Sunday 09 November 2008, Jakob Curdes wrote:
> > plugins {
> >   antispam_trash = trash;Trash;Deleted Items
> >   antispam_spam = SPAM;Spam;Junk
> >   antispam_dspam_args = --client;--deliver=;--user;%u
> I am using dspam in a different setup; I run it under amavis so the user
> is always the user amavis. I don't run a daemon so --client makes no
> sense. What does "deliver=" do? Is that the same as
> "deliver=innocent,spam" ?
> I think it must be related to permissions in some way but I do not see
> how. I would like to debug it further but am no C programmer. I cannot
> see why it is not able to extract the signature.
> JC

Yes, you are correct about not needing '--client' in your case. '--deliver=' means 
deliver nothing, just process it. Since I don't use quarantine on my setup, and 
the message is existent already in IMAP, there is no need to deliver anything.

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