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Patrick Nagel patrick.nagel at star-group.net
Mon Nov 10 11:09:24 EET 2008

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Hi Matthias

Matthias Andree wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, Patrick Nagel wrote:
>> The problem with modifying the mail after reclassification persists, hope this
>> can be solved. Then I could also finally move from
>> postfix-procmail-bogofilter-cron-dovecot to
>> postfix-deliver-antispam-bogofilter-dovecot. :)
> Hi,
> it's not quite clear to me how this would work with bogofilter as a
> mailbox_transport - bogofilter isn't designed to do final delivery.
> It's also not quite clear to me why people would use procmail. Although
> defended by its maintainers, it's an unusable and unconfigurable piece
> of software from ancient past -- getting error handling right in
> procmail is next to impossible, requires forfeiting :e rules and
> bloating procmailrc with explicit error handling recipes.

You're right, and that's why I don't want to continue using it. It had a lot of
security issues, and the syntax of procmailrc looked like a bad joke to me when
I encountered it for the first time.

Not being able to pipe mail through an arbitrary program surely makes sieve
more secure, but it also makes things much more complicated sometimes. Also I
think beginners tend to use procmail, just because in many guides / tutorials /
howtos it's the LDA of choice. (I, for example, started out with this howto:
http://www.gentoo-wiki.info/HOWTO_Email_System_for_the_Home_Network )

> If you want something and Dovecot's deliver doesn't fit your needs,
> consider maildrop, <http://www.courier-mta.org/maildrop/>

I didn't even know about it until very recently. ;)

> Bogofilter has an "integrating-with-postfix" document in the doc/
> directory that shows how to use Postfix's content_filter and does not
> need procmail. Unfortunately, it does not show how to integrate updates;
> there are several approaches to achieve that. One way is to use separate
> mailboxes where users can send mail to and where they are picked up by
> cron - best when using Dovecot is probably to make users move spam into
> particular folders via IMAP.

That's how I'm doing it, but surely the Antispam plugin is a nicer (and more
user-friendly) approach - the classification direction (Spam->Ham or Ham->Spam)
is determined by the source and target mailbox.


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