[Dovecot] First release (v0.1.0) of the new Sieve implementation for Dovecot v1.2

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Mon Nov 10 18:48:11 EET 2008

Edgar Fuß wrote:
>> Dovecot needs to be compiled first for this to work.
> Yes, of course.
If Dovecot is compiled, Dovecot's top source directory should contain 
the dovecot-config file (as explained below). Strange that it is missing 
at your end.

>> The dovecot-config file is produced upon executing ./configure.
> Not with me. I get a dovecot-config.in generated from dovecot-config.in.in during configure and a .../lib/dovecot/dovecot-config installed during install.
Oh yes sorry, indeed ./configure generates dovecot-config.in from 
dovecot-config.in.in (been a while since I looked at this). Upon 
executing 'make' it is transformed into the definitive dovecot-config 
using the following make rule (Makefile.am in top Dovecot source dir):

dovecot-config: dovecot-config.in Makefile
     cat dovecot-config.in | sed \
     -e "s|^moduledir=|moduledir=$(moduledir)|" \
     -e "s|^dovecot_incdir=|dovecot_incdir=$(pkgincludedir)|" > 

So, if you are pointing dovecot-sieve's --with-dovecot to a completely 
built Dovecot source tree, it should find the dovecot-config file. If it 
is missing for some reason or you do not want to build dovecot 
completely, executing 'make dovecot-config' in the dovecot source tree 
should produce the dovecot-config file. However, as I explain below, a 
fully built Dovecot source tree is currently necessary to build the 
Sieve package.

>> This is no different from the old cmusieve plugin.
> In pkgsrc, this was always built against headers only.
>> I can change this for the next release
> Would probably be nice.
I'll give it a look.

> Btw: What exactly does your sieve need dovecot sources for? It looks a bit hard to get this done correctly with pkgsrc. Do you just need an unpacked (patched?) source or does it have to be configured?
The sources are needed to build the command line tools like sievec, 
sieved and sieve-test. Also the testsuite needs it. So, if I change the 
package to allow building against the bare headers, these things cannot 
be compiled. For compilation of these tools and the testsuite, the fully 
built sources are needed because the Dovecot static libraries are linked 
into these binaries. If you care only for the Sieve plugin, this should 
not not matter.

BTW, I am wondering: did you do exactly the same for the old cmusieve 
before? And you didn't encounter any problems?



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