[Dovecot] Unbreakable NFS locking issues...

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Tue Nov 11 14:13:22 EET 2008

Firstly, posting the same message with a slightly modified subject wont
get you any answers any sooner, please refrain from doing this, it only
gives you a bad name and may have the opposite affect to one you desire.

On Tue, 2008-11-11 at 10:06, Rod Treweek wrote:

> Hello All,
>     We are struggling to find a solution to a problem we are encountering
> with a load-balanced email setup. Currently, we have a Coyote loadbalancer,
> and 3 Postfix/Dovecot nodes that then get their information from a mysql
> database.  The problem is that after a couple weeks, we start seeing NFS
> locking issues occur, which then takes email completely down, requiring a
> site visit to basically do an interactive mode reboot to shut off NFS so
> that we can remount the filesystem again.  We have our mailstore on an
> Aberdeen NAS which is accessed over NFS v. 4.

Not seen this before, but we use Foundry LB's and NetApp filers.
Coyote Is BSD based isn't it... How is your setup, you are not running
the NFS mounts through the LB as well are you? I would hope they are on
a separate private LAN

>  Dovecot version 1.1.2

Generally when lodging requests for help, it pays to use the latest
version of software, 1.1.2 is old.

> Here's the relevant mysql string:

If the queries work at all, there's nothing wrong with them.

> mbox:/NFS1MAILDIR/mailSysV2/%d/%u:INDEX=/usr/local/mail/indexes/%d/%1n/%n

mbox over NFS ? That is asking for trouble, mbox is *not* NFS safe, you
are best changing to maildir which is.


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