[Dovecot] Dovecot master process

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Nov 12 00:41:36 EET 2008

On Nov 12, 2008, at 12:34 AM, Steven F Siirila wrote:

> We are running into a situation where Dovecot master is simply trying
> to do too much.  It some situations, we are finding that there are
> times in which it cannot service requests.  Restarting Dovecot seems
> to help in these situations, possibly due to the fact that it no  
> longer
> has to manage its THOUSANDS of file descriptors for pipes to the many
> imap/proxy processes that it uses for logging.  Is there a way to turn
> off logging through the master process (in exchange for lesser  
> security)?
> If not, would it be easy to have the master process do its logging  
> using
> separate threads (which would help on some modern hardware)?  Finally,
> would it be easy to delegate the task of logging to a dedicated  
> process?

I was planning on using separate logger processes with v2.0. For now I  
guess you could make imap/pop3 processes log directly by changing  
mail_executable to a script that:

1) Unsets LOG_TO_MASTER environment
2) Sets USE_SYSLOG environment
3) Closes file descriptor 2 (stderr). I'm not actually sure if you can  
do this using a shell script, might need to use something else.
4) Executes the imap/pop3 binary.

http://wiki.dovecot.org/PostLoginScripting tells a bit more about  
using mail_executable.

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