[Dovecot] Folder aliases

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Wed Nov 12 19:29:56 EET 2008

I don't if this has been discussed before - or already implemented - but 
it would be great if I could define one or more "aliases" for a folder.  
A particular example might be "Sent" where different (badly-written) 
clients might have hard-coded "Sent" folder locations like "Sent", "Sent 
Items", "Sent Mail", "Mail Delivered", etc. - and I'd love to get those 

It would also be nice to show a different set of folders based on the 
client - or if that's not possible (if the client doesn't identify 
itself as part of the login sequence) then somehow via login name - 
maybe by an extension?  So where my usual login might be 
"user at domain.com", and that would continue to be supported as the 
default login, I could now have "user at domain.com+thunderbird", 
"user at domain.com+mobile", etc.?

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