[Dovecot] Folder aliases

Christian Lange clan at fubb.de
Thu Nov 13 13:02:30 EET 2008

Steffen Kaiser wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Nov 2008, Christian Lange wrote:
>> Different clients can normally have different sets of folder
>> subscriptions, would that not do what you want?
> If you use different devices, e.g. a mobile phone or PDA and Outlook or
> Thunderbird, you get in troubles, because both may have a very specific
> view on the folders on IMAP, but the user wants to have all sent mails
> in one folder, not to mention all deleted mail.
> This goes on, if you want to do server-side stuff, e.g. clean the
> trash-folder now and then etc. Even the trash folder is _not_ fixed by
> standard. Elder versions of Mozilla and Outlook used localized names for
> their folders, so even the native language effected the names.
> The alias-feature alone will not overcome the problems, because the
> admin (or user) still needs to configure the aliases for a specific set
> of mail clients.

I am aware of that, but I don't see how that is related to Daniel's
second suggestion to show a different set of folders to different
clients based on client ID or different login names if that is not possible.

- Christian

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