[Dovecot] Folder aliases

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Thu Nov 13 14:55:46 EET 2008

On 11/13/2008 7:13 AM, Frank Behrens wrote:
> May be Outlook is buggy, but your mentioned Thunderbird has it's own 
> issue:
> When I want to use german names for a user I setup his mail account 
> with a folder named "Papierkorb" as trash folder (german 
> translation). This can be used with many email clients without 
> problems. But a german Thunderbird wants to create a new folder 
> "Trash" and displays it as "Papierkorb". So what is the result? In 
> Thunderbird I have two folders named as "Papierkorb" where I see in 
> other clients a folder "Trash" and a folder "Papierkorb". (The same 
> applies to sent, draft and templates folders.)

Sorry to hear it, but I never claimed it was perfect.

Did you open up a bug with them? Its much more likely to get fixed in
TBird than if you tried to report it to Microsoft...

Luckily I'm english speaking and that language does seem to get more


Best regards,


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