[Dovecot] removing uid, index and cache files

Lars Uhlmann dovecot at lars-uhlmann.de
Thu Nov 13 17:02:48 EET 2008

Since a couple of days we're facing a problem with dovecot/MUA and
multiple appeareances of single mails. The mail is physical existant
only once but outlook shows it twice or more times. Then after some
minutes these multiple "virtual" mails just disappear. Because this
happens with different MUAs (Outlook and Thunderbid) I assume dovecot
causes the problem.

All mail are received by »getmail« from outside via POP3 and delivered
to the users local Maildir. This was working without problems for over
a year now.

Is it save to remove to following files (will dovecot rebuild them) from
every users Maildir?


Thahks in advance,

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