[Dovecot] Moving mail between folders

Dmitri V. Ivanov dima at intex.spb.ru
Thu Nov 13 20:50:32 EET 2008

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 07:59:32PM +0200, Ilo Lorusso wrote:
> Ive just installed Dovecot and postfix and Ive created a whole bunch of folders
> and started moving my mail around.
> Ive noticed that it copies the mail to the folder I wish to move the
> mail to and leave the original message
> waiting to be purged in the original folder

IMAP protocol doesn't have "move" command. It has "copy". So your client
need (if I'mnot wrong):

1. copy message to destination mailbox (within COPY command)
2. store \Deleted flag to a message (within STORE command)

It will not really delete message (but Your client often will not show
it at folder anymore). One will be deleted within EXPUNGE command or
when You will leave imap folder (with CLOSE command).

Have a look into RFC 3501. Some peoples says It's terrible one tough.

Dmitri Ivanov

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