[Dovecot] New Dovecot server buildout review

David Jonas djonas at vitalwerks.com
Thu Nov 13 22:11:14 EET 2008

Hello Everyone,

I have the opportunity to do a new mail system build out for about 20k
email boxes over a few hundred domains. I already run a system like
this, but this time I can do it right :).

My thought on storage is to have a 12 drive JBOD system attached via SAS
to a 3ware 9690SA raid controller. Drives would be RAID'd (10 or 5) to
appear as one for message storage. Dovecot would run on that box and
deliver directly from postfix. POP and IMAP connections would come in
directly (no proxy). Postfix head boxes in front of this do anti-virus
and spamassassin, so this box won't be doing any heavy crunching, just
delivery and serving of messages.

Does this sound reasonable? Is there details that I'm missing? An
obvious bottleneck I'm overlooking? Is anyone running a similar config
with success? It all sounds very standard, but I haven't run something
like this before.

Thanks for the help!


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