[Dovecot] Master user with "user="?

Alan Ferrency alan at pair.com
Thu Nov 20 22:42:09 EET 2008


In our configuration, we are using a "passdb passwd-file", with
"user=" directives in each username, and a separate "userdb
passwd-file" which contains the target usernames for the "user="
directives.  This works fine, for normal logins via POP and IMAP.

For customer support testing purposes, we also set up a temporary
"master=yes" passwd-file.  This works fine, for any passdb username
that does not have a "user=" field.

However, it seems that if we use the master user to log into a
username that is in the passdb with a "user=" field, dovecot looks in
the userdb for the original username, and not for the "user="
username specified in the passdb passwd-file.

Is this a known bug?  Maybe I'm doing something wrong?


Alan Ferrency
pair Networks, Inc.
alan at pair.com

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