[Dovecot] Auth Issues - Urgent - Help!

David Cunningham davec at mecnet.net
Fri Nov 21 15:52:49 EET 2008

No one else with opinions on this?


Quoting David Cunningham <davec at mecnet.net>:

> Yes, i telnet to port 143 and enter everything manually.
> Dave
> Quoting Charles Marcus <CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com>:
>> On 11/19/2008 10:17 PM, David Cunningham wrote:
>>> Well, most of my issues are gone with adding auth cache.  However, I am
>>> having an issue.  Sometimes, even though cache incorrect passwords is
>>> disabled, new passwords do not work.  It would seem that once a user
>>> logs in with one password successfully the cache does not automatically
>>> retry if the user tries a different passwords.  I would think that the
>>> auth cache should check to see if the password changed on the ldap
>>> server if something other than the cached password is entered.
>>> Is this something wrong with my configuraiton, or the auth code itself?
>> Maybe it is the mail client doing the caching... have you tested this on
>> the command line?
>> --
>> Best regards,
>> Charles

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