[Dovecot] two dovecot server using the same file system

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Nov 21 19:41:07 EET 2008

on 11-21-2008 1:53 AM Osvaldo Alvarez Pozo spake the following:
> Hi all.
>  I want to use two servers with dovecot using a common file system with drbd.
> So I have several questions.
>  If one server write a mail to th file system he will use his name as
> part of the mail identification.
> the second server will use his own name. Each server will generate it
> own mail numbers . When an imap or pop user will consult the mails i
> shoul be confusion. Am I correct. is there a way of solving this
> issue??
> Thanks
I thought DRBD only let one node have write access to the shared filesystem at
a time?

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