[Dovecot] sieve-body extension support for deliver LDA's sieve plugin

BrunoM bruno at brunom.net
Fri Nov 21 16:52:30 EET 2008

Hello, I just read your message about sieve and body-extension in Dovecot. Do you have news on that topic?
I just have to filter mails containing a particular text fragment, and I cannot do without sieve body, I think..
Thank you for any clue you'd be able to give me !




Hi Timo & Co,

Is there any time frame for updating the deliver LDA's sieve plugin 
code to that from Cyrus IMAPd v2.3.x?

I ask as I'm looking for the functionality of the sieve-body 
extension, as described here:

This requirement has come up as we're upgrading from a 
Courier-IMAP/maildrop configuration that has some filtering based on 
message body content.

As an aside, if that time frame is undefined or will be long, if I 
use maildrop instead as my LDA, will I loose the instant delivery 
notification via IMAP IDLE?

Thanks very much,


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