[Dovecot] Indexes recovery failed

Daniel Watts d at nielwatts.com
Mon Nov 24 13:00:11 EET 2008

> If it happens again, please make a copy of the files before deleting. 
> It's a lot easier to debug these bugs if I can see the dovecot.index 
> and dovecot.index.log contents.
I will do - have asked my sysadmin to make backups the next time it happens.
>> Perhaps dovecot could try the fix but if it still fails just go and 
>> delete the indexes itself?
> It's not really possible to delete indexes automatically because of a 
> crash.
May I ask why? This is bascially what we do manually if we encounter a 
corrupt, unrepairable index and it seems to work fine with no noticeable 
negative impact.


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