[Dovecot] pam auth fail considered mail.error?

David Halik dhalik at jla.rutgers.edu
Mon Nov 24 17:45:45 EET 2008

Hello all,

Following the Dovecot wiki and migration help, we recently migrated our 
core IMAP systems from Courier to Dovecot on Solaris. So far it's been 
working great, but I have one issue that I'm curious about. Just as the 
docs mention, we also use "syslog_facility = mail" for logging. Unlike 
in the past, failed PAM auth attempts are now getting logged as mail.error:

Nov 24 08:34:34 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx dovecot: [ID 107833 mail.error] 
auth-worker(default): pam(dhalik,xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx): pam_authenticate() 
failed: Authentication failed

Is there a reason for this, or a way to configure this behavior? 
mail.error is a little harsh for pam auth failures and I would think 
that the auth channel would be used instead similar to other processes 
(sshd, courier, etc) I'd like to continue using the mail facility, but 
if every time there is an auth error Dovecot reports to mail.error, my 
consoles and legitimate error logs are going to be full of something 
considered a non-issue by most.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

David Halik
System Administrator
OIT-CSS Rutgers University
dhalik at jla.rutgers.edu

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