[Dovecot] Released Sieve v0.1.1 and ManageSieve v0.11.2 for Dovecot v1.2.alpha4

Stephan Bosch s.bosch at utwente.nl
Tue Nov 25 01:52:33 EET 2008

Hello Dovecot users,

Since the first release of the new Sieve implementation, not that many 
bugs were reported. This is probably due to the fact that it is not 
tried yet by that many people. In the mean time, I did find and fix some 
more bugs myself,  I adapted to changes in Dovecot, wrote some more 
documentation and started work on the enotify extension.

Both Sieve and ManageSieve were changed to match API changes in Dovecot 
and therefore older versions will not compile against the new Dovecot 
release. Likewise, these new Sieve and ManageSieve releases will not 
compile for older Dovecot versions.

Changelog Sieve v0.1.1:

   * Re-enabled support for compiling against dovecot headers. Much like
     cmusieve, command line tools like sievec and sieved are not compiled
     in this case.
   * Started implementation of enotify extension. Not anywhere near
     finished though.
   * Adapted to changes in Dovecot on various occasions, making this
     release dependent on Dovecot >= v1.2.alpa4.

   + Improved logging of errors at specific occasions and added debug
     messages to find script execution problems quicker.
   + Removed code duplication between command line tools and the test
     suite. Also restructured the sources of the tools.
   + Added UTF-8 to UTF-7 folder name conversion for compatibility with
   + Created man pages for the command line tools. These are
     automatically installed upon 'make install'
   + Incorporated Valgrind support into the test suite and fixed a few
     memory leaks in the process.
   - Fixed compile error surfacing for gcc3.4. Forgot mask argument for
     the open() system call when the O_CREAT flag is specified. Bug found
     by Sergey Ivanov.
   - Fixed bug in the sievec tool. -d output was always written to
   - Fixed important bug in the imap4flags extension. When no :flags
     argument is specified, the previous version would always use the
     final value of the internal variable to set the flags. This means
     that modifications to the internal variable also affected the bare
     fileinto/keep actions executed earlier. This does not comply to the
   - Fixed bug in the include extension's import/export commands.
     Duplicate import/exports caused problems.
   - Fixed bug in the handling of non-existent scripts. Errors were
     sometimes ignored.
   - Dovecot omitted unfolding multi-line headers. This was added to the
     cmusieve plugin after the code was incorporated into the new
     implementation. This is now implicitly fixed by concurrent change in

Changelog ManageSieve v0.11.2:

   * Adapted to changes in Dovecot, making this release dependent on
     Dovecot >= v1.2.alpa4

The following files are released:



   ManageSieve package:


   ManageSieve patch:


The full story of the new Sieve implementation is available in my 
previous posting:


I still need to update the wiki with pointers to the new Sieve 
implementation. I hope to have some time and motivation to do so in the 
next few days.

Have fun testing the new releases and don't hesitate to notify me when 
there are problems.


Stephan Bosch
stephan at rename-it.nl
IRC: Freenode, #dovecot, S[r]us

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